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Full Stack Developer | PHP + Angular + Python + AWS | Speaker | Blogger | Leadership

12+ Years of experience as Full Stack Developer. Also worked as an architect for building solutions and products to help with automation. Solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player. Have more than 4 years of experience in both e-commerce and finance domain. Experienced in driving business automation, marketing using technology. Avid follower of open-source technology. Have used PHP, Python, AWS and Angular as technology stack to build products. I write blog at www.internetkatta.com









My skills

Team Management
Server Management
Problem Solving Skill
Debugging Skill
Product Development

My Resume

/ Experience
Eagleview India

March 2020 – Present

Working on a PHP based application which is used for GIS and imaginary automation. Developing and maintaining mobile apps using Titanium framework. Using Python writing automation steps for deployment and GIS analysis.

KNAB Finance Advisors Pvt. Ltd

April 2016 - March 2020

Handling AWS cloud server(AWS lambda, cloudfront S3, Sns and other services) Developing customer website solution using aws API gateway , Wordpress ,AngularJS and Python (API)

Instant Hotels Around You Pvt. Ltd.

July 2015 – April 2016

Working for Backend application of Hotelsaroundyou Mobile app and REST API Worked on Mobile secure api Developed mobile hybrid app using AngularJS and ionic framework.

Sodel Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

March 2012 – July 2015

Developed multiple ecommerce sites using Magento, WooCommerce and Zend Framework. Developed and customised multiple WordPress sites. Worked on Huff post for multi language sites for multiple countries.


June 2011 – Feb 2012

Providing maintenance on ecommerce sites developed in custom PHP Developed multilingual site for ecommerce

My Expertise

What I like to do
Full Stack Development

As a full stack developer, I am a complete package of web or mobile development. PHP, Python, Angular, AWS are my most used technology stack.


My content usually focuses on things I have learnt from my experience and research. Most of my blogs are about AWS learning, programming help and few tricks.

Public Speaking

I try to share my knowledge and learning to communities via tech talk, meetup or conferences or technical training.

Open Source Contributor

As a part of OSS I contribute towards fixing issues, documentation fixes or raise any issues I may face. Regularly answer on StackOverflow and Quora to help share my knowledge

AWS enthusiast

More than 8 years of AWS cloud experience. I keep researching on newly launched AWS resources and different use cases.

My Talks

Details about my tech talks

My Testimonials

What my ex colleague or senior say about me

Featured Blogs

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Zero is always greater than nothing!